What is Content ID?

Your Audiio license covers you for a wide range of projects, including video content distributed via social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.

The platforms mentioned above use technology similar to YouTube’s Content ID to easily identify and manage our artist’s music. Content ID helps us prevent the fraudulent or unlicensed use of Audiio music and by having our songs registered with Content ID systems it keeps you (the filmmaker) and our artists safe.

How does Content ID work?

Content ID systems scan video files and automatically place a “Content ID claim” on the song(s) in the film which acknowledges the artist behind the music. Though this sounds scary, it is not something to be concerned with. Receiving a Content ID acknowledgement claim is not a strike against your account and your videos will not be removed or taken down.

What is monetization?

Some creators on YouTube opt to run advertisements on their channel. This means a video creator chooses to allow YouTube & Google AdSense to show ads before, during, and after a viewer watches their content. This process is called YouTube Monetization.

How many Audiio songs are cleared for monetization?

About 99% of the current Audiio catalog is cleared for monetization.

How do I know which songs are cleared for monetization?

Look for this symbol next to a song title anywhere on the site. This symbol marks the tracks that are cleared for you to monetize.

How do I dispute a Content ID claim?

Platforms like YouTube are still building and optimizing this Content ID technology to adapt to our ever-changing digital landscape of rights management and from time to time you may receive errant claims.

If this happens, please reach out to us at support@audiio.com so we can help!